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Experience Missouri's Rich Natural History

Visit One of the Largest Natural Springs in Missouri

Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Located just south of Camdenton, Missouri, this state park is a great place to fish, hike, and explore a unique and beautiful part of Missouri. The Ha Ha Tonka springs is one of the bigger natural springs in Missouri and pours millions of gallons of water into Lake of the Ozarks on a daily basis. Even more interesting is the ruins of a castle set up above the natural spring. A successful Kansas City businessman started construction on his dream home only to die a year into the process. It was 20 years later before his sons finished the castle. It eventually burned down, leaving only the stone walls that exist presently.

Hiking at Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Ha Ha Tonka state park has multiple trails crisscrossing the area. Some areas short as several hundred feet, and others are over 6 miles. Some trials are more rigorous than others, but most trials are suitable for children and families. Most trails wind through beautiful forests and along with steep rock faces, offering beautiful views of the Lake of the Ozarks and the surrounding area.

Some of the most popular Ha Ha Tonka trails include Castle Trail, Spring Trail, and Dell Rim Trail, but all the trails offer magnificent views of forests, streams, and lakes.

As with any hiking adventure, make sure you dress appropriately, wear comfortable, sturdy shoes, and bring plenty of water. For more trail information and maps visit the Missouri State Parks page.

Other Things to See

Ha Ha Tonka Natural Bridge - This natural feature is only a short walk from the parking lot on a well-maintained but rocky trail. Visitors enjoy the unique experience of following the trail beneath this natural bridge with millions of tons of rock suspended above them.

Ha Ha Tonka Water Tower - This water tower was originally built to store water that would be used for the castle. The water was stored at the top of the tower and gravity would send it downhill into the house. Servants lived in the lower portion of the tower. It's a beautiful structure set away from the original castle. It still stands today.

Ha Ha Tonka Spring - The water from the spring seems to bubble out from under a rock cliff. The water is a beautiful blue at the spring's deepest point, and it flows clear on its way to Lake of the Ozarks. There are trails and elevated walkways along the stream that offer peaceful walks along the water. 

What Visitors are Saying...

Very Relaxing

Went here for the first time a while back and it was pretty cool. The views, the spots by the water, and some historical structures. The hike was nice, seeing the wildlife and everything was very relaxing. There are maps with trails you can take if you're looking for small or big trails. It was a great experience!

Wonderful Experience

Never knew such a beautiful place existed in Missouri! Wonderful experience, lots to see. The spring was the highlight of our hike, the water was just mesmerizing... there were all kinds of animals there, from birds to minks! Would love to come back again for sure!

Mohanned A.

Check This Place Out

This park is beautiful and very well kept. The abandoned castle and a great attraction and there is some cool history behind it. A good amount of people when we went but most certainly not even close to being crowded. Everyone was doing a good job of maintaining distance. If you from out of town and nearby, def check this place out.

-B. Moore

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